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i’d say the clipse are kinda like the most consistent rappers of our time.  i know i’m kind of just throwing that out there but they released two classic albums: see lord willin / hell hath no fury and i think are on their way to a third classic with till the casket drops.  maybe it’s just a personal opinion because i don’t really need to represent your thoughts but just my own- but songs like cot damn, when the last time, wamp wamp, hello new world, and KEYS OPEN DOORS, just to name a couple are still bangin like they just came out yesterday- with fresh verses, dope beats by the neptunes and clever meanings behind the tracks, the clipse know how to make a proper consistent album.  keys open doors has been my ringtone since i was a sophomore in college… just had to throw that in there…


now they are about to release their third lp till the casket drops which we have already been able to hear dope tracks from which include back by popular deeeeemaaaaanddddddd…

Used to have this white bitch, she looked like Madonna though
Heard that she fuckin’ LeBron, but shit, I don’t know
Like that, Bron-Bron? I had that long time ago
Butt-nekkid, on the balcony at the Dallino
I mean the Delano, I mean Pharrell’ll know
The head shop bitch from DC? Hey, P, let ‘em know
(Yeah, that bitch was hot, nigga) But it was time to go
Them hoes come in eeny, meeny, minie moe

DOWNLOAD: Back By Popular Demand

DOWNLOAD: All Eyes On Me ft. Keri Hilson



wale- attention deficit by teph1001
November 4, 2009, 2:34 pm
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DOWNLOAD: Wale- Attention:Deficit

chizzy- addicted 2 stuntin mixtape by teph1001
October 31, 2009, 10:45 am
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chizzy got charisma, chizzy got style n if you need to get tatted up he got you on that too.  his debut mixtape addicted 2 stuntin eases your mind and gives you something to ride out to.  hailin from massachusetts, a place not so known for the level of rapping that equates into super stardom, chizzy is trying to change what is usual.  taking chances on expressing what comes natural, chizzy might find his lane, and get some respect along the way.  with the help of blake c and chester green, who knows what can come next.  oh yea- ima hype kid about it…


DOWNLOAD: chizzy- addicted 2 stuntin

music bidness all fantasy if you ask me… by teph1001
October 20, 2009, 1:01 am
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“don’t believe half that shit i seen on tv”


google “music business” and one of the first pictures you get is a contract

never thought i would agree with plies…EVER besides his infatuation with ladies… but he points out just like a lot of artists are lately in tracks i’ve heard (drake – fear : kid cudi – follow me) is that the entertainment business ain’t what you think it is.  i can’t really talk about the situation like i am deep in it like these dudes are, but i can see it. if you think that the life celebrities live is anything but a game then you don’t have a clue.  the dudes and ladies who see this, are the ones who advance along.  they play well and understand the balance.  it’s a craft to learn- which is what i like.  and yea there is great reward in it.  there is a lot of money to be made quickly and a lot of complementary services to the fact that you have great influence on the “pop” world.  but it is not easy…

give these people some respect to the fact that they shine well in light half the world doesn’t want to be scene in. but that’s not why i wrote this- just wanted to share a track that i’m late on- plies got a dope verse and jim jones is jim jones… (giants killed me on sunday)

props to kay slay for trying to keep papoose’s career alive


DJ Kay Slay ft. Plies, Jim Jones, Busta Rhymes & Ray J- Blockstars

Weezy’s rock song… by teph1001
January 26, 2009, 12:27 pm
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It’s a shame that there will be people who listen to this new lil Wayne song “prom queen” and think it’s the shit. Has mainstream hip hop fell so far in the whole or what? Does weezy know that there are talented artists who perform rock music? The reason you became famous was because of your word play. Don’t think you could start trends in hip hop. Rock and hip hop was done right with the judgement day soundtrack. Go check that and tell me prom queen is what is really hood. Come on now. I can’t even believe there are people in those big company buildings who approve of this shit. I guess it is all for a dollar. We are the pawns. You like that people? Do something about it. We can get a black man to be our president I’m sure we can change what the norm is for hip hop. Funk flex stays in the 90’s – the realist shit.

Remember when m.o.p would come on and bang so hard. You don’t need to sing to appeal to a certain crowd. Just be real to yourself and stop over using the auto tune style to push a track.


Anyone agree with me?

grammar… by teph1001
November 13, 2008, 1:27 pm
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so how much does grammar affect the way one reads and understands a situation?  a misspelled word could lead to a whole sentence and idea being thought as of something completely different than what you are trying to get across.  some people might not understand some slang that is being used – written or even just told – a situation could be completely changed through a person’s ill-used sentence structure.

“I’m a monster – I’m a maven – i know this world is changing”

AMAZING ft Young Jeezy – Kanye West

this has nothing to do with this post but it’s true – the world is changing and you need to be on it to get it.  Kanye drops on Nov. 24th – in two weeks – going to take black Friday by storm and 50 cent is going to be pissed off – but you know what? 50 hasn’t changed one bit from what he was when I was a freshman in high school around the time he CHANGED the hip hop game with mixtapes.  NOW mix-tapes are a dime a dozen – being released for free by every single wanna-be artist.  TOO much option for one person to give a shit about everyone who’s dropping – so you need to change to make a person listen and take head to what you are trying to get across.

50 can't stand the fact that kanye's over-used auto tune will sell more than his used rhyme scheme AGAIN

50 can

It’s the people like soulja boy – I can’t believe that I would endorse this fool, but it’s true.  He did something different from the norm and got people his age included in what seemed to be something unreachable – and then everyone jumped on that bandwagon- so what’s next? youtube is exploited – file sharing is a very key instrument in getting the message across but takes away from an artists royalties.  Not everything in this world is free but YOU think it is- I can get it for free but it’s not legal –

i HATE this dude

i HATE this dude

…2011 here I come…