keys open doors… by teph1001


i’d say the clipse are kinda like the most consistent rappers of our time.  i know i’m kind of just throwing that out there but they released two classic albums: see lord willin / hell hath no fury and i think are on their way to a third classic with till the casket drops.  maybe it’s just a personal opinion because i don’t really need to represent your thoughts but just my own- but songs like cot damn, when the last time, wamp wamp, hello new world, and KEYS OPEN DOORS, just to name a couple are still bangin like they just came out yesterday- with fresh verses, dope beats by the neptunes and clever meanings behind the tracks, the clipse know how to make a proper consistent album.  keys open doors has been my ringtone since i was a sophomore in college… just had to throw that in there…


now they are about to release their third lp till the casket drops which we have already been able to hear dope tracks from which include back by popular deeeeemaaaaanddddddd…

Used to have this white bitch, she looked like Madonna though
Heard that she fuckin’ LeBron, but shit, I don’t know
Like that, Bron-Bron? I had that long time ago
Butt-nekkid, on the balcony at the Dallino
I mean the Delano, I mean Pharrell’ll know
The head shop bitch from DC? Hey, P, let ‘em know
(Yeah, that bitch was hot, nigga) But it was time to go
Them hoes come in eeny, meeny, minie moe

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