poluting the scene… by teph1001
March 1, 2009, 12:33 pm
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i’m bringing it back to cassettes.  i used to find myself exploring the internet for hours looking and finding exclusive hot/new music from all different fronts, but can’t seem to find anything worth listening to for more than one time anymore.  what happened to quality music? i threw on a mixtape entitled “hot 97 3” that me and my brother taped back when i was 8 years old in ’94 and i could play this tape for the whole day and not get tired of the groove.  because thats what the music had back then- it had unique style that wasn’t being duplicated.  NY had one of the illest sounds when it came to 90’s rap.  the flow of artists over dirty beats was not to be fucked with.

i found a box of old tapes/ cassette singles in the closet and i think ima just take a month or two and only listen to all of this music- because it is so much better than anything being put in the scene today ad probably better than anything that will be put in the scene tomorrow.  people need to stop being concerned with what puff daddy or chris brown is doing for one moment and just take them for the artists they are. nothing more, nothing less.

it’s funny because twitter is a new hit sensation and everyone and your grandmother is rockin it- updating on the fly- look at me i’m doing this- i’m over here- i’m recording with that person.  but that just dilutes the scene even more- because it’s NOT about what you are doing- but what talent you put out.  people are too involved in everyone else’s life.  just try to do you and enjoy what someone else does for themselves- why does everything have to be about everything?

an artist can’t just work on making a hot track- but has to worry about letting everyone know he is in the process of recording with “x” producer and “y” rapper- and i’m bout to be on this mixtape and feature din that magazine- all along updating their myspace page, and twitter status, and managing to connect with this blogger and the next fan.  don’t get me wrog- multi-tasking is what you need to be doing- but when it comes to your ART and profession – that should come first.  Once everything is done and alligned- then go out there and holler at this dude and that chick- but for now- take the time to make the best piece of work you can- because that is what you are being judged on. yea you might grow buzz by coming out with a track every day because your name is being thrown around online, but i ain’t downloading that shit


Girl Talk- Feed The Animals by teph1001

if you know about Girl Talk then you are going to want to download this album.  It is up for download from his site for the as-much-as-you-want-to-pay-for-it style of request.  Listenen right now and hearen weezy’s voice over hot beats works for me.  def. worth it so cop this shit!!!!

DOWNLOAD: Girl Talk- Feeding The Animals

ALSO!!! worthy of download- found on onSMASH.  they started every thursday giving old school mixtapes which is right up there on the best shit to ever find online!.  i’ve been looking for some of these tapes i got in my garage for the longest time.

DOWNLOAD: DJ Clue- Platinum Plus (97)