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April 7, 2008, 12:44 pm
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…. i know you miss seeing these album covers in ur local wall or sam goody….oooohhhh wait these stores don’t exist anymore…great


i know its been a week…. by teph1001

to all my loyal readers (you there?? lemme kno) i’m sorry i’ve been stuck with nothing but everything it seems thats been keeping me away from posting.  but drunk purple nights lead to a need to let you, whoever you are, in on my mind while sitten back and listenen to some “old school”, if you can even consider it that old kanye from back when he wasn’t considered god and it got me thinken bout these dudes:

camplo3.jpg… lo

i got a funny story bout their prob. most famous track luchini:

so you remember back when hot 97 used to have “battle of the beats” hosted by angie?  prob round 7 o clock or something like that they would put up one track against another.  the champion moving on to the next day to face the challenger.  so me and my brother used to listen everyday and call up and vote for our favorite tracks.  One day when Camp Lo was going up against…. shit i dont even remember… i was digging Luchini so wanted to vote for it.  next thing i know some dude goes “your gunna go through,” and then angie starts talken to me.   i was 11 at the time and was mad hyped. she starts asken me who i was voten for and and asken me who i was.  i told her but i had yet to reach puberty and sounded like a girl and she thought i was sayen my name was Stephanie.  i didn’t realize any of this until after the fact when i replayed the recording we took on the cassette deck.  to this day i find it hilarious.  also it was the last time i ever got thru to a station.


heres luchini aka this is it WHAT!!!!!!!!!!

DOWNLOAD: Camp Lo- Luchini 

b00000jg2x01_sclzzzzzzz_.jpg … surprisingly only 6.50 on A STEAL COP THAT SHITTTTTT!!!!!!

faster connection…lemme hit you with a classic albummm… by teph1001

today is a special day. usually Tuesday’s i feature “classic traxxx,” for everyone to dig into that haven;t been heard in quite some time. BUT i found myself in a scenerio where the internet connection is faster than usually so ima upload a whole classic album for ya’ll.

coming from the west coast cerca 1996 is the Young Murder Squad (YMC)


DOWNLOAD: Young Murder Squad

the single from the album is How We Liven’ – check the video:

i miss hip hop videos where your favorite rapper ain’t acting all fake with this months eye candy by his side… don’t get me wrong i love them bitches but can’t stand the scripted-studio-green screen-effected video. just keep it real…

classic covers… by teph1001
February 28, 2008, 12:33 am
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 eaten delicious cookies finding some…






classic covers….

must have…you gotta take it by teph1001
February 23, 2008, 3:14 pm
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this album is one of my favorites.

its cover is insanecru its just one of those albums that you have to have. so follow this link and take it. you won’t be disappointed.

CRU- Da Dirty 30

classic cover… by teph1001
February 20, 2008, 5:10 pm
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throughout my life there has been one MC who has dented my membrane over and over again. i recall a story of when i was little helpen my dad try to find this certain CD in sam goody…do they exist anymore?…he said if he found it me and my brother could get any tape we want. that tape? It Was Written, to this day it is still one of my favorite albums. that intro i could listen to time and time again and just have this good feeling from.

thats why i tribute this weeks classic cover(s) to the lil homie, NaS:

illmaticit was written

i am



i think the track record of these five album covers can speak for themselves

it’s been a week since i started sharen my knowledge. it’s time for you if you reading to share yours too. lemme kno what you think about what i’m spitten

classic cover… by teph1001
February 13, 2008, 8:27 pm
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remember when we used to go to the store & actual buy a CD? not too long ago it was the thing to do if you wanted to hear your favorite rappers new track. but lets face it…nowadays there isn’t even a good album to download let-alone buy. so heres a tribute to those sweet album covers that you and i both miss payen $17 bucks for…

GZA- Liquid Swords

what more can i say besides the fact that this is one of the hottest covers that i still to this day go home and just look at in my collection.

here is a review of the album:

and the video for the lead single “liquid swords”