shyne being deported to belize… by teph1001
October 21, 2009, 3:23 am
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from miss info


Today I was hanging out with my girl Angie Martinez on her show, and she told me she talked to Shyne and he wanted to share this update….

Shyne’s team is fighting to stay in the US where his mother and his grandmother live and where they raised him….but it seems like he’s going to have to continue the fight from Belize. Shyne will be released from Immigration custody but will then be deported to Belize soon. He has Harvard Professor Charles Ogletree advocating on his behalf in concert with his legal team. They’re still urging fans to reach out to Governor Patterson’s office to petition for Shyne’s pardon (click here for Paterson’s email and his address) but deportation is imminent if that pardon doesn’t come.

And what about Shyne’s mental state? Angie says “Shyne is one of the strongest people I know and he’s handling this situation just as I’d expect him to. It must be frustrating for all of his friends and family; he served his time, and keeps getting all these different dates and conflicting information. But he’s a soldier, he’s dealing with it.

can not catch a break…


music bidness all fantasy if you ask me… by teph1001
October 20, 2009, 1:01 am
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“don’t believe half that shit i seen on tv”


google “music business” and one of the first pictures you get is a contract

never thought i would agree with plies…EVER besides his infatuation with ladies… but he points out just like a lot of artists are lately in tracks i’ve heard (drake – fear : kid cudi – follow me) is that the entertainment business ain’t what you think it is.  i can’t really talk about the situation like i am deep in it like these dudes are, but i can see it. if you think that the life celebrities live is anything but a game then you don’t have a clue.  the dudes and ladies who see this, are the ones who advance along.  they play well and understand the balance.  it’s a craft to learn- which is what i like.  and yea there is great reward in it.  there is a lot of money to be made quickly and a lot of complementary services to the fact that you have great influence on the “pop” world.  but it is not easy…

give these people some respect to the fact that they shine well in light half the world doesn’t want to be scene in. but that’s not why i wrote this- just wanted to share a track that i’m late on- plies got a dope verse and jim jones is jim jones… (giants killed me on sunday)

props to kay slay for trying to keep papoose’s career alive


DJ Kay Slay ft. Plies, Jim Jones, Busta Rhymes & Ray J- Blockstars

i hate gucci mane… by teph1001
October 18, 2009, 10:23 am
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so goddamn much.  this dude is a horrible rapper- prob he dumbest dude in the whole world – yet still is getting more of a buzz than he already has. didn’t MTV crown him one of the top 10 mc’s this year?  i don’t use caps but effin RIDICULOUS!

GucciManecase in point- a frosted flakes chain? but now he’s got a nice team of white dudes or gals behind him giving him marketing tools to make his situation even more plentiful- “let’s release three mixtapes with three different dj’s on one day and cold it guccimerica”

i hate but you probably like it… so here they are..

DJ Drama Presents Gucci Mane – Guccimerica

DJ Holiday Presents Gucci Mane – Brrrussia

DJ Scream Presents Gucci Mane – Great Brrritain

fuck it i’m about my business…

undrcrwn x mos def x new era by teph1001
October 17, 2009, 2:46 pm
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might be late but who cares…

undrcrwn x mos def x new erai like the raw underground reggae feel


silly baboon… by teph1001
October 17, 2009, 12:11 pm
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Dufus- Neuborns

it’s been a while since i last posted up aCLASSIC album cover that passed my standard tests.. but not only is this an impressive album cover from an eclectic band that very few of you have ever heard- they play one of my favorite tracks silly baboon… WTF?

listen for yourself-

sag eyes… YES! by teph1001
October 17, 2009, 12:39 am
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gotta get me one of these…

SAGlife is a japanese snowboard and mountain company. here they have their “logo” fitteds in some great colorways. black/white, teal/lime green and red/blue. their logo is pretty nice and simple so this hat comes out nice overall.


someones gotta help me find this fitted not in japan- 7 3/8 sold out…

thanks to these dudes and strictly fitteds

under the rasta influence… by teph1001

under the rasta influence- don’t under estimate my love