QUEENS! by teph1001
November 4, 2009, 2:48 pm
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queens get the $$$


undrcrwn x mos def x new era by teph1001
October 17, 2009, 2:46 pm
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might be late but who cares…

undrcrwn x mos def x new erai like the raw underground reggae feel


thought… by teph1001
October 17, 2009, 12:32 am
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i haven’t bought a CD since I can’t even remember when.  I have seen a new Jay Z disc come out and I didn’t flinch. New artists arrived on the scene and I was not entertained to even go to a record store to see how they presented their disc. Outstanding in my eyes to look at myself and see this time come.  Ever since I was 9, me and my brother would go to the record store every single week and cop a cassette single- first single raven simone haha- then it moved up to mix tapes- and albums- and then CDs arrived- the first CD i ever bought was Station Identification by Channel Live- I was a fanatic and my collection grew bigger and bigger.  As I grew up I started making my own mix tapes and CD’s keepin in tradition and making labels and covers- all while still building this massive collection that is now obsolete.  I can in two seconds find any track I want and watch the music video, stream the song, download the song, download it’s album and read all about it’s origins and see every picture imaginable that is associated with the track- it’s so simple… yet not genuine… it could cripple at any moment yet controls so much…

I guess as time goes by and minds change, so does everyone and everything else.  I’m only 23 and have never felt this much change in the past two years and came to so much realization than I have that this is life- and I don’t think I have ever really understood- I somehow connect this with those obsolete CD’s… It’s kind of like everything that you knew to be the existence, is just a mere bleep in what really is to be.  collections just a fad? who’s to say what really carry’s on…thought

why not? by teph1001
July 21, 2009, 12:34 am
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n why not keep postin? it’s been a long time- but for real tho shits been cuckoo… slaghterhouse? ha

if we talkin bout rap – then ny is talkin bout rock the bells… ish was ok.  liked the message, but hip hop beats blasting outta speakers with some dude just like me rappin his tracks ain’t the most intense crazy fun thing in the world anymore- u need to be entertaining… like that nas / damian marley set—-OOOOF


how to rob an industry hipster… by teph1001
March 3, 2009, 11:07 am
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good stuff-

i miss the cleverness- everybody is doin the same thing – make a joke people!

. by teph1001
February 26, 2009, 2:20 am
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the antiblog. by teph1001
January 25, 2009, 6:27 pm
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its 2009.  10 years ago was the start of this new era that we live in today.  Napster was just about to take the world by storm, now look what we made it.

I can honestly say that the media has emerged as the leading force of this country and has over saturated a persons livelihood.  Although great things are “at our fingertips” it has made it way too easy for people that are not credited in their feild to copy anothers work and make a name for it. I’m all for everyone getting ahead but this is the result of that.

Our society has way too much to look at.  You really don’t need all this attention on every little thing, scrutizing every aspect of every situation, even though it’s great to watch and be exposed to.

Every person who say’s that they can’t wait for the new season of “i love money” or have an interest in what comes out of souljah boy’s mouth or are entertained by any other ridiculous situation like a person being famous because they go out and party are affected by this change of times. And at this very moment I think back to the times when my dad and mom couldn’t understand my love of rap music back in the 90’s.  And i understand it may be a geerational thing but the values that are being displayed by people on the come up nowadays does not add up to what I came up on.

this! is why I can’t sit here and tell you about the new kanye west album anymore.  yeah a lot of you reading this are into it but did you hear this new song that lil wayne did?  weezy goin into the rock world.  i don’t dig the crossover.  i’m a hater. i speak in a very positive light but do not like the conglomeration of media.

blogging needs to change- more credit needs to be found- who am i to say anything is better than something else if i do not have the actual knowledge that exists but just an opinion.  when did opinion become okay?