keys open doors… by teph1001


i’d say the clipse are kinda like the most consistent rappers of our time.  i know i’m kind of just throwing that out there but they released two classic albums: see lord willin / hell hath no fury and i think are on their way to a third classic with till the casket drops.  maybe it’s just a personal opinion because i don’t really need to represent your thoughts but just my own- but songs like cot damn, when the last time, wamp wamp, hello new world, and KEYS OPEN DOORS, just to name a couple are still bangin like they just came out yesterday- with fresh verses, dope beats by the neptunes and clever meanings behind the tracks, the clipse know how to make a proper consistent album.  keys open doors has been my ringtone since i was a sophomore in college… just had to throw that in there…


now they are about to release their third lp till the casket drops which we have already been able to hear dope tracks from which include back by popular deeeeemaaaaanddddddd…

Used to have this white bitch, she looked like Madonna though
Heard that she fuckin’ LeBron, but shit, I don’t know
Like that, Bron-Bron? I had that long time ago
Butt-nekkid, on the balcony at the Dallino
I mean the Delano, I mean Pharrell’ll know
The head shop bitch from DC? Hey, P, let ‘em know
(Yeah, that bitch was hot, nigga) But it was time to go
Them hoes come in eeny, meeny, minie moe

DOWNLOAD: Back By Popular Demand

DOWNLOAD: All Eyes On Me ft. Keri Hilson



music bidness all fantasy if you ask me… by teph1001
October 20, 2009, 1:01 am
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“don’t believe half that shit i seen on tv”


google “music business” and one of the first pictures you get is a contract

never thought i would agree with plies…EVER besides his infatuation with ladies… but he points out just like a lot of artists are lately in tracks i’ve heard (drake – fear : kid cudi – follow me) is that the entertainment business ain’t what you think it is.  i can’t really talk about the situation like i am deep in it like these dudes are, but i can see it. if you think that the life celebrities live is anything but a game then you don’t have a clue.  the dudes and ladies who see this, are the ones who advance along.  they play well and understand the balance.  it’s a craft to learn- which is what i like.  and yea there is great reward in it.  there is a lot of money to be made quickly and a lot of complementary services to the fact that you have great influence on the “pop” world.  but it is not easy…

give these people some respect to the fact that they shine well in light half the world doesn’t want to be scene in. but that’s not why i wrote this- just wanted to share a track that i’m late on- plies got a dope verse and jim jones is jim jones… (giants killed me on sunday)

props to kay slay for trying to keep papoose’s career alive


DJ Kay Slay ft. Plies, Jim Jones, Busta Rhymes & Ray J- Blockstars

stretch armstrong – freestyle frenzy vol. 1 (1992-1994)… throwback thursday by teph1001
July 3, 2008, 7:30 pm
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me and my brother used to sit and listen to 89.9 / call up to find out what tracks were being played as we taped them to make the track listings… good times.  classic shit… as khaled would say LIIIIISSSSSSTEEEENNN!!!!

DOWNLOAD: stretch armstrong- freestyle frenzy vol. 1 (92-94)

and of course probs to onsmash n miss info for the free music…always a pleasure

doo wop & tony touch- starring as the diaz brothers by teph1001
June 28, 2008, 6:07 pm
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so if you haven’t been keeping up onSMASH has been posting classic mixtapes from back back when mixtapes were in fact mixtapes and were one of a kind.  i’m really loving it cuz its bringing me back down memory lane…i miss cassettes…

Doo Wop & Tony Touch – Starring As The Diaz Brothers


Side A
01. Doo Wop & Tony Touch – Phone tap intro (feat Don Black)
02. Blackstreet – Blend (feat Jay-Z)
03. Doo Wop – Freestyle
04. Don Black – Forbidden
05. Money Boss Players – Area Code 212
06. Jay-Z – Friend Or Foe 98
07. Camron – Pull It (feat DMX)
08. Krs One & Common- Live On HOT97
09. DMX-Blend
10. Money Boss Players – Dollar Bill
11. Camron – 357
12. AZ – The Rebirth (feat RZA)

Side B
13. Doo Wop & Tony Touch – 4 3 2 1 Intro
14. Tony Touch Interlude
15. Gangstarr – Work
16. Rakim – New York
17. Cocoa Brovaz – Spanish Harlem (feat Hurricane G & Tony Touch)
18. Mobb Deep – Avirex
19. Onyx & Wu-Tang Clan – The Worst
20. High & Mighty – Open Mic Night
21. Nas & Yankee – Puerto Rock Warriors
22. Cappadonna – Slang Editorial
23. Big Pun – Wishful Thinking (feat Fat Joe, B-Real & Kool G. Rap)
24. Jay-Z – Rhyme No More
25. Nice & Smooth- Mad Love

of course props to onSMASH

Girl Talk- Feed The Animals by teph1001

if you know about Girl Talk then you are going to want to download this album.  It is up for download from his site for the as-much-as-you-want-to-pay-for-it style of request.  Listenen right now and hearen weezy’s voice over hot beats works for me.  def. worth it so cop this shit!!!!

DOWNLOAD: Girl Talk- Feeding The Animals

ALSO!!! worthy of download- found on onSMASH.  they started every thursday giving old school mixtapes which is right up there on the best shit to ever find online!.  i’ve been looking for some of these tapes i got in my garage for the longest time.

DOWNLOAD: DJ Clue- Platinum Plus (97)

i know its been a week…. by teph1001

to all my loyal readers (you there?? lemme kno) i’m sorry i’ve been stuck with nothing but everything it seems thats been keeping me away from posting.  but drunk purple nights lead to a need to let you, whoever you are, in on my mind while sitten back and listenen to some “old school”, if you can even consider it that old kanye from back when he wasn’t considered god and it got me thinken bout these dudes:

camplo3.jpg… lo

i got a funny story bout their prob. most famous track luchini:

so you remember back when hot 97 used to have “battle of the beats” hosted by angie?  prob round 7 o clock or something like that they would put up one track against another.  the champion moving on to the next day to face the challenger.  so me and my brother used to listen everyday and call up and vote for our favorite tracks.  One day when Camp Lo was going up against…. shit i dont even remember… i was digging Luchini so wanted to vote for it.  next thing i know some dude goes “your gunna go through,” and then angie starts talken to me.   i was 11 at the time and was mad hyped. she starts asken me who i was voten for and and asken me who i was.  i told her but i had yet to reach puberty and sounded like a girl and she thought i was sayen my name was Stephanie.  i didn’t realize any of this until after the fact when i replayed the recording we took on the cassette deck.  to this day i find it hilarious.  also it was the last time i ever got thru to a station.


heres luchini aka this is it WHAT!!!!!!!!!!

DOWNLOAD: Camp Lo- Luchini 

b00000jg2x01_sclzzzzzzz_.jpg … surprisingly only 6.50 on A STEAL COP THAT SHITTTTTT!!!!!!

faster connection…lemme hit you with a classic albummm… by teph1001

today is a special day. usually Tuesday’s i feature “classic traxxx,” for everyone to dig into that haven;t been heard in quite some time. BUT i found myself in a scenerio where the internet connection is faster than usually so ima upload a whole classic album for ya’ll.

coming from the west coast cerca 1996 is the Young Murder Squad (YMC)


DOWNLOAD: Young Murder Squad

the single from the album is How We Liven’ – check the video:

i miss hip hop videos where your favorite rapper ain’t acting all fake with this months eye candy by his side… don’t get me wrong i love them bitches but can’t stand the scripted-studio-green screen-effected video. just keep it real…