Weezy’s rock song… by teph1001
January 26, 2009, 12:27 pm
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It’s a shame that there will be people who listen to this new lil Wayne song “prom queen” and think it’s the shit. Has mainstream hip hop fell so far in the whole or what? Does weezy know that there are talented artists who perform rock music? The reason you became famous was because of your word play. Don’t think you could start trends in hip hop. Rock and hip hop was done right with the judgement day soundtrack. Go check that and tell me prom queen is what is really hood. Come on now. I can’t even believe there are people in those big company buildings who approve of this shit. I guess it is all for a dollar. We are the pawns. You like that people? Do something about it. We can get a black man to be our president I’m sure we can change what the norm is for hip hop. Funk flex stays in the 90’s – the realist shit.

Remember when m.o.p would come on and bang so hard. You don’t need to sing to appeal to a certain crowd. Just be real to yourself and stop over using the auto tune style to push a track.


Anyone agree with me?


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