808s… by teph1001


aight so i thought i would compile the tracks that we have got so far from the world out there that there is no control of from the new kanye west project 808’s and heartbreak –

tracks included are:

Amazing ft. Jeezy

Everyone That You Know ft. Lil Wayne


Welcome to Heartbreak ft. Kid CuDi


Love Lockdown



Coldest Winter


so after listenen to all these tracks for a little while now I think that Kanye is going to be making a huge statement.  A lot of people are hating and will be hating when the album comes out and it IS not the ordinary.  But that’s music… if people like kanye didn’t explore into different avenues of composition then we would be stuck with the same tryed thing over and over again.  Regardless of if you like it or think it’s trash you gotta give the man some respect.  He definitley is dedicated to making the music – regardless of the fact that his album is coming out on the monday of black friday and will generate a HUGE amount of sales because of that – his music is saying something.

Beyond all his “waaa waaa” i’m heartbroken – the kiddies will love these lyrics – is a man who is pushing himself to make some shit you haven’t heard and that demands respect from me.  I don’t see you totally composing a whole album in what? a month and a half?  Love lockdown is garbage – coldest winter is ehh kinda catchy but not really – streetlights is kinda corny – but amazing is AMAZING – the hottest track i heard in a while – kid CuDi is interesting and robocop is growing on me.  musically this album is great – i see kanye putten in a lot of work and yeah i will buy the album.

You out there downloading this should take head and do the same if you buy into his vision.  It makes up for the fact that you getten most of it for free since 10 years ago this would never be-

I fully support buying an album if it is worth it to the individual and i think that this project will be worth it.  You know the album will feature some crazy artwork – something DIFFERENT like you know kanye does if you ever bought one of his cds – it will be worth the 8 dollars that I don’t have right now…


REUPPED LINK PLUS one more track


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