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November 13, 2008, 1:27 pm
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so how much does grammar affect the way one reads and understands a situation?  a misspelled word could lead to a whole sentence and idea being thought as of something completely different than what you are trying to get across.  some people might not understand some slang that is being used – written or even just told – a situation could be completely changed through a person’s ill-used sentence structure.

“I’m a monster – I’m a maven – i know this world is changing”

AMAZING ft Young Jeezy – Kanye West

this has nothing to do with this post but it’s true – the world is changing and you need to be on it to get it.  Kanye drops on Nov. 24th – in two weeks – going to take black Friday by storm and 50 cent is going to be pissed off – but you know what? 50 hasn’t changed one bit from what he was when I was a freshman in high school around the time he CHANGED the hip hop game with mixtapes.  NOW mix-tapes are a dime a dozen – being released for free by every single wanna-be artist.  TOO much option for one person to give a shit about everyone who’s dropping – so you need to change to make a person listen and take head to what you are trying to get across.

50 can't stand the fact that kanye's over-used auto tune will sell more than his used rhyme scheme AGAIN

50 can

It’s the people like soulja boy – I can’t believe that I would endorse this fool, but it’s true.  He did something different from the norm and got people his age included in what seemed to be something unreachable – and then everyone jumped on that bandwagon- so what’s next? youtube is exploited – file sharing is a very key instrument in getting the message across but takes away from an artists royalties.  Not everything in this world is free but YOU think it is- I can get it for free but it’s not legal –

i HATE this dude

i HATE this dude

…2011 here I come…


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why do y hate him….he da best out of da dont hatin on my man soulja boy ❤ he soo sexii

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