iphone + wordpress =? by teph1001
November 12, 2008, 1:20 am
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so i just downloaded the wordpress app for the iphone n started to think to myself what could possibley come of making this game we play even more on-the-fly.  it’s all too easy to report on everything one see’s and hear’s over the internet in the living room but to be able to take all this and instantley be able to expose to the world – to whoever is listening – in the spur of the minute.  It’s literally seconds away from being live for the world to see the second the button is clicked in the moment of time it is happening.  Sorta like live telivision for the everyday person to broadcast – see some crazy shit on the street – snap…click…post…publish and whoever is interested in viewing can view.

There is definite positive to think about what one could turn this around to use as… there’s a bunch of innovative thinkers to progress the movement – and before you know it wordpress like mega programs will be the next wave of intellect and mastering… and i’m still diggen the fact that was broadcasted via laser beam to the cnn news room…


more to come…


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I like iphone-sony

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