just a thought… by teph1001
November 6, 2008, 6:04 pm
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It is all too easy to follow the crowd and be what everyone else aspires to be.  What sense does it make to follow in the footsteps on what someone else is achieving now?  Are you in hope that you could do it better than them?  But if it wasn;t for them then you would have no step to take… So I ask this question… Whya re you trying to do what they are doing?  Whatever it is – buying into the new trend – Oh how pop culture loves them some hipsters…

i'm sure you know this guy...


just as an example of course is the hipster but you see how just this very term of hipster defines such a large class of peopl you may know.  Even now hip hop has turnt “hipster” – which there is nothing wrong with at all, because some of the most intelligent people and some of the most artistic people may very well carry these same characteristics that is defined by being a hipster – but as an example the word hipster has been exploited and tried already in the quick time that it has given rise to tight pants and colorful shirts.  Why are we so fascinated that Charles Hamilton likes Sonic The Hedgehog? Does that mean that if you liked Sonic when you were younger that you must think it is cool?  I like Charles Hamilton and what he brings to the table but do not listen to him because of this factor… do you?

Does the majority of people feel that to like someone and what they do – you need to relate to their story?  Why can’t we all just be happy with us and enjoy what another person brings to the table?  Stop trying to be like what is “poppin” right now and get in with what will be the next scope of this country.  Whatever field you are in – it needs to be taken to the next level and not over night.

just a thought…


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