L.U.P.End = triple cd album WHAT! by teph1001
November 1, 2008, 12:18 pm
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L.U.P.End will be Lupe Fiasco’s last album… Oh, you already knew that, but the shocking news… L.U.P.End will be an unprecedented TRIPLE album!!! The ‘E’ stands for Everywhere, the ‘N’ for Nowhere, and the ‘D’ for Down Here. (Can we get a ‘G’ somewhere in there for Gowhere, Lu? Haha..)

props to  gowherehiphop

this comes right on time in my mind because i’m talken with some friends last night – all of whom copped the last lup cd…have you??? and we haven;t seen or heard any new lupe in a while.  Adam A…yeah yeah his names evelyn… then proclaimed “HE MUST BE IN THE STUDIO!” recording som fire for his last album, then I come across this over at gowhere and what do i find… a triple album on the way- yeah i cannot wait just like what you should be sayen too

this my favorite lupe track daydream


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