hey if bill say’s so then i guess you should too… by teph1001
October 30, 2008, 1:36 pm
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last night i think we were able to witness something special.  i’m 22 – jobless – home from college of 4 years – with a lot of hope and looking for that right something to come up.  I’m sure everyone is looking for the same thing.  some people know exactly what they want – some people have a lot of ideas in their minds but don’t exactly know how to express them – and a lot of people are hoping that everyone else will bring them up.  All of you and me can see significant change in the next 4 years.  i’ not dumb – i hope you are not dumb – we know it will not happen over night.  Obama is not going to hopefully get elected in on tuesday and then wed. or in a month or in two months we will see the srastic change that we are all hoping for.  but in time THIS will lead us in the right direction.

I always supported barack since I started paying attention to the election race.  When he was running to be elected as the democratic nomenee i saw something in him that was different from anyone else.  not his color – not his different background – but the fact that he related to each and every one of us.

last night when bill clinton came into florida in support of barack was the nail in the coffin.  if you were watching, you saw the hype in his voice – you saw the hope in his voice – you saw that bill really did believe and was not just saying these words to say them.  he meant each and everything he said.  This meant a lot to us as americans to see joy and willingness.  all the people in the crowd were chanting YES YOU CAN YES YOU CAN! Did you see the smile on obama’s face?  this was not a smile of a man who was going to call america his bitch – it was a man who is ready in now 5 days to take us under his arm and do for us the best he could.  thats all we really want, is a person to be trust worthy, knowledgable and friendly.  He looks like a man i can sit down and relate to, a man that will alctually listen to what you have to say.

now look on the other side…  you have McCain talking to Larry King in an interview that showed just how he would be president if elected.  A man who is first to criticize another to get ahead, a man who repeatably says the same thing with that same stupid voice that makes me want to turn off the tv – but i didn;t because i really wanted to see where he was coming from.  But it just seems wrong- i dont understand how people could follow a man like this when there is someone like obama that is maybe not as qualified – but hey i’m not as qualified as the next man but i want that position too – obama is the right coice – it is a change america needs- and if he screws up then hey atleast we tried right…its all we could do

so like bill clinton said – get on the internet and tell someone – well i hope everyone is reading very clearly when i say vote on november 4th for barack obama.  when i’m 26 i hope to not still be jobless and in the rut that every other american is in… when im 26 i will be on me..and you should too


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