what are you doing??? by teph1001
October 28, 2008, 2:39 pm
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it seems that the united states is going through hard times.  it’s all over the news and big businesss are losing money and are going bankrupt and blah blah blah… everyone keps telling us how bad everybody and everything is…

wheres the positive reinforcement for the youth? everybody is so involved in life right here and now but don;t want to stop for a second to think about what’s good for 25 years from now?  and i’m sure this conversation is going on but not in the public where it needs to be.  The majority of people in america are not extremely sofisticated and need to be showed the way to go.

Positive thinkers like Martin Luther King Jr, Ghandi, Mohammad, Barack Obama??? – maybe – it looks like a better choice than an old man who might have a good grasp on life and know what to do but a person who also might die in office because you know how much stress that being president is and then we are left with our favorite joke of the moment of America Mrs. Palin… now i dunno bout you and i’m sure its been said before but to further emphasive how extremeley damned america would be if that situation happened.  Its such a joke like Tom Green singing about putting his rum on some poo-poo haha…where is Tom Green?…

i do kno tho that i just graduated college and grew up thinking that although everything was not going to be handed to me it would cross my path without a doubt with all this forward thinking that america was founded on – but now that it’s my turn to stand it looks like my generation – generations before mine and the generatons to come are bent up on quick success and fame as being the only means for a great life – everyone wants to market the next great product and manage the up and coming artist and sell this and buy that for less and push it out for more – theres too much clutter and too many ppl – this isn’t me complaining about competition because the strongest do survive, but the majority of the clutter is un-needed- clear the way for the ppl that could drag everyone in the right direction…

yea it is me and you that need to do this…take a depe breath and smile cuz it’s the only life we got – enjoy it and give back…

i’ve been gone for a while but back –

here’s an enlightening track to sit back and listen to…enjoy

DOWNLOAD: Green Grass

buy the new Kottonmouth Kings album The Green Album here:


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You boys are doing the right thing. FREE-DOM

Comment by Clinton Davey MUNN

kottonmouth kings are the shit. ps the green album is bad ass!

Comment by jonathan stanley

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