hip hop has slowed down… by teph1001
September 15, 2008, 4:36 pm
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i know that there are slow months or slow quarters where most of the big time artists are on vacation and not recording… waiting for christmas time to hit to make money off of their projects, but i feel that this summer and now have been very slow with quality music being produced.  yeah, lil wayne dropped – broke records – everyone loves him – he appears on the premiere of snl – i wonder what your parents think of him? your grandparents? is it a shame that lil wayne is on the front lines of what we spend so much time and effort loving? cause i mean, i really enjoy what hip hop is and what it brings to me – even the wackness that is sometimes produced and over exagerated i enjoy, because its a movement and progression, but is it bad that lil wayne is on top?

the hottest rapper under the sun...

the hottest rapper under the sun...

i enjoy his music – i enjoyed him working his ass off to get to where he is – but come on i think we went a lil over board on how much credit we give him… do we just enjoy the fact that he is a martian? cuz dude is crazy sometimes – most people prob. don;t even understand what hes saying but yet pay the money to listen – its great that wayne wins n they lose cuz hes getten paid…and i’m writen bout him…

so what does that say? the pop world has fallen in love with vocoded tracks and because of this we get artists making songs using vocodors and you can tell that they don’t know what the fuck they are doing.

you heard this track?

T-Wayne – Can’t Believe It

great video – great song – what’s good with lil waynes verse?  do you laugh at him when you watchen the video singen?  cuz i def. do.  we need to start paying attention to other stuff – other genres – other rappers – get off this pop culture fad…  i feel bad cause i remember my mom tellen me that her mom would be like “why do you listen to the beatles??”  and now i’m thinken why do people listen to some of this crap thats out now.

one recommendation that i am not sure if is extreme mainstream yet – but in the hip hop world a well known artist MURS

Murs & 9th Wonder- Bad Man

coming out with his first album that’s not indie related Murs For President on Sept. 30th.

please go pre-order the album – i think he should be selling a milli in the first week but because he isnt licken lollipops won’t get there.  i’m not haten on lil wayne…well maybe a lil bit.. i’m just not feelin the direction he’s bringing us… wayne works hard and should get all the credit in the world – shit i got all of his music on my computer – i buy lil wayne albums – yeah i boughtt he carter 3 – i bought the block is hot 10 sum odd years ago and i’ll buy his next record…more than i can say for the most of ya’ll out there- support your favorite artists – but know what your favorite artists should be spitten – what do you gain from lollipop? from got money? from mr. carter?  come out of a song knowing something more… thats all i’m saying


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Wow this blog is off the chain! The writer spoke that realness! I only support rap music and artists I understand…Murs speaks about important issues to the common man. We need to go out and vote. Buy Murs for President album on Sept.30th…I am sure you won’t be disappointed!

Comment by realhiphopnevadies

Murs is gonna help save hiphop! his albums gonna be like my name

Comment by toofresh

murs is incredible, just found out hes artist of the week on mtv! i know im voting MURS FOR PRESIDENT!!!

Comment by JIMBO

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