so it’s a big hole… by teph1001
July 28, 2008, 11:05 pm
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so yeah u kno that pictures don’t really do justice to the grand canyon…even the video is kinda weak…with the wind blowing you can barely hear my commentary but just kno that it is prob. just like you would expect it… pay 25 bux… drive to the rim… walk 10 feet and BOOM! huge hole… forever… and ever… and ever… its 10 miles across and something like 230 miles around… we just spent the afternoon observing and that was good enuff for me.  i mean it is cool but still…. just a hole in the ground… haha nah i’m jus kidding… sort of coulda rode donkies to the bottom but didn’t… guess you will have to try it and lemme kno how it is


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That’s what she said!!!!!!!!, LMFAO!

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