arches national park by teph1001
July 21, 2008, 2:36 pm
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i never been in a place like the moab dessert- let alone a dessert of any sort.  the first thing i noticed was the red rocks everywhere and the fact that there really is no grass.  everything looked like this

 forever…. everywhere you turned 

 these pictures that i post won’t do any justice to what it really looks like.  there isn’t even a way to describe the vast land that we called home for two days..


balanced rock

balanced rock

this is balanced rock…called that for i’m sure you can tell because there is a huge rock balancing on another rock formation.  the reason why it is like this is because they are two different types of rocks that have formed differently.  these rock formations are HUGE…check out a scale of me standing next to one:

 yea i dont know how to turn the picture around…


like i said its hard to describe arches with pictures… because you see only the picture… you can’t see the 360 of absolute nothingness 

 but it was definitely a site to see… how many people reading this will ever say that they camped out at arches national park in utah? now i can…HOLLA

 OOO look an arch 


this is where we stayed… i didn’t really know what to expect when i said okay to camping out at arches… and this is what it is… we found a little nook to put out tents- arches national park is home to rattlesnakes, scorpions, black widow spiders and some not so poisonous animals such as bighorn sheep, collared lizards and others to name a few.  luckily i didn’t run into any of the poisonous insects / animals whatever u call them but i was a little upset that they could be anywhere i was

   we did buy a feast to make at arches for din din n it was great eating with a knife on a cardboard Heineken box n my hands… hell of a steak


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