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June 28, 2008, 5:55 pm
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interview with Mick Luter…

Mick Luter has the ability to captivate listeners with his vivid look into the life of coming up on the west side of Chicago.  He boasts production from A list producers such as NO ID, SC, Buckwild and Brian “All Day” Miller and he has a flow and wordplay that is unmatched.  He won the Source Battle in 2000 defeating over 200 emcees.  He recently won the Original Signal/Music Nation hip hop contest defeating over 3,000 contestants which landed him a situation with Sony/Epic Records.  He has an album-“The Word”(largely produced by NO ID) and “The Mickstape Vol.1-Hustle Harder” which were both critically acclaimed and had fans, critics and execs wanting to hear more.  His next mixtape titled “The Lesson” will be ready for release on July 1st.

I recently had a chance to slightly get into the mind of Mick Luter and feel him out for what he’s like and what he is looking to get out of this game of “hip hop”…

SAG: In today’s day and age of download and be done with artists, what sets you aside from all the other artists out doing the same thing?  It’s one thing to throw your music online and hope to have people listen and like- how do you think you can be relevant and make an impact on hip hop?

ML: Well first and foremost, I don’t believe anyone is doing what I’m doing…..nor does anyone have the sound that I have carefully crafted to represent the west side of Chicago. I have the ability to visually put the listener in the verse. I believe that it’s only a handful of MC’s that even take the time out to really distinguish themselves as artists. My style hasn’t had the proper exposure and in the same vein is truly one of a kind. The funny part to me is to see what the critics will label me without hearing a significant amount of records. My impact will definitely be from a lyrical standpoint as well as connecting with the listeners soul.

SAG:  No ID is an extraordinary producer.  How is it like working with him and has he been an influence in your music making?  Who else has shined threw as an influence in your career?

ML: Working with ID taught me how to listen…how to formulate a plan and execute it. He definitely gave me a foundation to build on by sharing his knowledge of music as well as life in general. I can’t forget Boogz who was the first producer to record me and spend the time with me just to get acclimated with the recording process.My man Skip Lava who has been an huge influence from day one  with his vast wisdom on music theory and his general understanding of life. The one and only SC who has supported me musically for the past couple of years with his stellar production which motivates everyday. And I can’t leave out……HIPHOP…..which is my ceaseless motivation to get busy.

SAG: Whats going on with your deal with Sony / Epic?  A lot of artists gets deals and get sidelined real quick because of their inability to build a “pop” fan base and gain spins on BDS.  Realistically speaking do you think anything will come of the situation?  How are your feelings towards major labels and is this your first chance at the?

ML: Well at this point, it’s slow motion. They really don’t have any hip hop acts so I really don’t expect any major push until I create a big enough buzz. I’m still working on my album along with three other projects, my video is almost at 20,000 views on in three weeks, and my airplay has picked up significantly since I entered in this situation. I think artists expect the label to work their fingers to the bone to ensure success. I don’t expect them to do too much unless they see some overwhelming numbers on BDS. At the stage in the game, it’s all about numbers. In a perfect world, the music would be the main focus of your career but understanding how this BUSINESS works, I plan on using as many resources made available to me. You can’t be part of the label’s plan, they have to be a part of your plan.

Check out the video for How We Raised

you like what you seein from my dude from chicago?  here are some zshares…

The United Centa (Mick Luter, Big Wiz 7 Rashid Hadee) – “Under The Act”
Mick Luter – “Someday” (Prod. by 1120)
Mick Luter – “Dayz of our Lives” (Prod. by Buckwild)
Mick Luter feat. Element – “Game Recognize Game”
CNC feat. Mick Luter – “Touch the Sky”
Mick Luter – “J-Down” (Produced by Hi-Tek)
Mick Luter – “How we Raised”


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