T.I resurfaces for the hottest remix of ’08…so far by teph1001
March 12, 2008, 1:22 pm
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i’m sure everyone who heard this remix so far was like YEAHHHHHH my man T.I is on it.  i haven’t heard new T.I. since his army guns were exposed… guns and when i saw his name next to the track i was really into it cuz i was thinking what t.i. was going to say because he wouldn’t want to fuck himself over by talking trash and saying a whole bunch of dumb shit that would hurt himself in court.

Here’s the verse:

Okay now.
Anyone who know me, they know me to ride
But when the shit was selling slow it’s just my homies and I.
Had to get rid of all the phonies and the homies disguised.
So you speaking, I don’t reply, homie don’t be surprised
You ain’t gotta ride for me, I didn’t ask you to.
Take the journey on my own, I would gladly do.
You gon’ and turn around now, I’ll call a cab for you.
I stand up on my own 2, he kiss the ass of who.
No way José, we pot Rosé, blow dro, that’s more than okay.
See but don’t say, my folk, they flip more yay than Cirque du Soleil.
Keyser Söze, oh they kill people and get off like OJ.
You catch your case, just shut your face, don’t get caught singing do, re,
Mi, fa, say, la, ti, do, ghetto hero, G-code I obey.

He’s so gay, they handle business hanging around me no way.
It’s okay, life lesson learned I suggest that you go your way.
I be straight, no conversation man.
That’s all I’m gon’ say.

DOWNLOAD: Lupe Fiasco ft. Young Jeezy & T.I.- Superstar Remix 

sweet flow.  looking foward to the paper trail and t.i. not being in jail for the next 40 years….

i…i…i got army guns! ti_guns_1.jpg

ya digg???


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