they thought it was cool to leave you thirsty and stranded KATRINA by teph1001
March 5, 2008, 1:07 pm
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who has heard a lupe track and not thought it was hot? i don’t think that’s possible. this man is super lyrical. heard his live show was just as hot as his two cds, and also heard that he is comen out with one more cd and callin it quits- so that means you gotta get your fix now before it’s too late.

lupes is a part of glow the dark tour with kanye, nerd & rihanna which is sold out across the states…i coulda had my hands on tickets if it wasn’t for a certain homie who dropped out sayen the price wasn’t worth the concert… be it as it may i’ll catch it on youtube…

DOWNLOAD: Lupe Fiasco- Little Weapon

Little Terry got a gun, he got from the store,
He bought it with the money he got from his chores,
He robbed candy shop told her lay down on the floor,
Put the cookies in his bag took the pennies out the drawer.

Little Kalil got a gun he got from the rebels,
To kill the infidels and American devils,
A bomb on his waist,
A mask on his face,
Prays five times a day,
And listens to Heavy Metal.

Little Alex got a gun he took from his dad,
That he snuck into school in his black book bag,
His black nail polish, black boots and black hair,
He’s gonna blow away the bully that just pushed his ass…

1st lupe verse…
I killed another man today,
Shot him in his back as he ran away,
Then I blew up his hut with a hand grenade,
Cut his wife’s throat as she put her hands to pray,
Just five more dogs then we can get a soccer ball,
That’s what my commander say,
How Old?
Well I’m like ten, eleven, been fighting since I was like six or seven,
Now I don’t know much about where I’m from but I know I strike fear everywhere I come,
Government want me dead so I wear my gun, I really want the rocket launcher but I’m still too young,
This candy give me courage not to fear no one,
To fear no pain, and hear no tongue,
So I hear no screams and I shed no tear,
If I’m in your dreams then your end is near.

lupe’s 2nd verse…
Now here comes the march of the boy brigade
A macabre Parade of the toys he made
And in Shimmer shades who looks half his age
About half the size of the flags they waved
And Camouflage suits that made to fit youths
’cause the ones of the dead soldiers hang a little loose
And AK-47’s that they shooting into heaven
Like they’re trying to kill the Jetson’s
They struggle little recruits
Cute Smileless, Heartless, violent
Childhood destroyed, devoid of all childish ways,
Can’t write their own names or read the words on their own graves
Think you gangster popped a few rounds,
These kids will step in and murder a whole town,

Then sit back and smoke and watch it burn down,
The grave gets deeper the further we go down


lupe jay z

…what more can i say???

ya…ya…ya…YA DIGG???


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