papoose…pa poose… by teph1001
February 27, 2008, 2:47 am
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papoose-1.jpgone of the craziest lyricists that will never come out with a proper album is one of my favs. papoose.  a lot of people can’t stand his flow or his voice.  as much as i do like him i think his good years are behind him.  mixtape king he is but platnum plaque he will never have.  you will almost definitely see more from papoose on my ish but for now we will start him off wit the track Ridin’ Shotgun.  its got him and Paul Wall on it and got some of paps sickest flows.  highlighted are some lines from his first verse and his whole second verse.

Ridin’ Shotgun- Papoose & Paul Wall 

n ma I think your crazy if you don’t deep throat, you serve no purpose like a snow speed boat,
I swarm to the hood, took the O-G oath, the homies toast to the song P wrote (uh)
Eat em like Condarosa, touch em like Tony Toka, push range rova’s wit shoulda, holdsta, this verse is ova.


Paul Wall n Papoose, we ridas, shortay in tha back, wit a back lookin proper,
Face like a model, n a match wit da prouda, little time n she mine, I’m time her,
Popped in tha night, so I popped up beside her, popped 2 bottles, than I popped my colla,
I didn’t have a pen, she gave me eye liner, wrote her phone numba on a back of a dolla,
She crumbled it up, n put it in her vagina, shortay was a turned out freak like Madonna,
Then I seen her friend lookin betta right behind her, took my dolla back matta fact, I’m a holla!
You nigga’s is imposters, we eatin like we mobsters, Street Sweepers n Swishahouse, you fuckin wit some monsta’s.

ya…ya…YA DIGG???


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i think his best verse is in raised with them gangstas … to me it’s the best song ever..

Comment by gone

pussy fucked yo mama

Comment by ryler

papoose is a fag he is ugly he face looks like someone put his face on the floor and then sat on it papoose/papussy

Comment by ryler

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