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February 14, 2008, 7:58 pm
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some lyrics just stick in ur head and you keep repeating them over and over and over and over again.  i wanted to dedicate each week some lyrics that i digg.  i know your not going to agree with me all the time or maybe most of the time since i find funny lyrics to be classic.  you might be saying “whaaaaaaaat this shit is waaaaaaack”  so start your own blog…

i didn’t really want to start the section off with this verse but like i said its stuck in head and makes me laugh everytime i hear it.  it might be lil waynes WORST verse ever but digg it:

now what I look like
and if it ain’t money then I don’t look right
and that don’t sound right
i swear you can get a full clip not a sound bit
SUBU gang and if you ain’t with it then you in the food chain
I’m in that wide body I’m a need two lanes
blue seats white paint wetter than new rain
like a white person with blue bangs
i keep a black glock red dot blue flame
feet hanging out the window jock my shoe game
cause all my kicks fly like lu kang
old player new game
i’m focused I’m thinking like I got two brains
i’m in my prime I feel like a new wayne
how come there is two women but ain’t no two waynes
I don’t know what you do but I do thangs
it’s Mr. every time you see me got a new chain
my flow crazy I ain’t too sane
but I am thee shit & they just poop stain

ya digg???

Lil Wayne


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word-smith, brain as the anvil weight piece of technology making rhymes seem as simple as “why didn’t i think of that?!?” type of epiphanies reoccurring in any of his numerous tracks. though i’m not a fan of all his work, with appreciation in its regards, i also think this picture in combo with the selected text is humorous “ya digg???”.

Comment by Gadget

didn’t you kno brando’s got electrolytes?

Comment by teph1001

man lil wayne look so fuckin sexy in dat pic i wanna f him already i think i lust lost my virginity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by pooh

lil wayne is the best rapper alive ill murk a bitch if they dis respect him thats my man all yal other chicks is lame iam the real misses wayne

Comment by kimaya

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